Basic Guidance On Prudent Long Term Insurance Programs

In an effort to ease the sale, insurers have developed more innovative products, including “first-to-claim” policies, which combine life coverage with and critical illness insurance. With these products, a lump sum is paid out upon diagnosis of a critical illness or decease, but not both. Regardless of the underlying product, a buy-sell insurance policy will typically have a key person component, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Buy-sell insurance covers the ownership interest of an individual shareholder whose death would trigger a need to settle his or her interest in a company with his or her estate and has no use for individuals who do not have an ownership interest in a company, explains Peter Merrick, president of Toronto-based  Key person life insurance provides a relatively inexpensive means of covering costs of replacing a deceased executive, but it also provides re-assurance to the company’s creditors by ensuring that the death does not threaten the company’s survival. Moreover although premiums are paid in after-tax dollars the benefits are tax free. Merrick sees selling key person insurance as a two part process, selling the client first on the concept—the easy part—then on the numbers. On the numbers, the first task is determining the value of the insurable interest in the business, which will dictate the face value of the policy. This must be justified not only in the eyes of the  client company, but in those of the carrier’s underwriter. That means calculating three major factors: the individual’s salary, the individual’s impact on the company’s bottom line, and the cost to replace him or her upon decease.

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